31 January 2008

Thanks, guys!

Thank you to Linda and Sarah for the Excellent Blog award! How fun and exciting!

I enjoy so many blogs these days -- many inspire me creatively, others make me think, and some make me laugh out loud. But the best part about blogging is making connections with people you would never have met were it not for this strange and wonderful thing called the internet.

So thanks for stopping by and making the world a little bit kinder and gentler place. I'd offer you a leftover Cranberry Bliss Bar and a cup of General Foods International Coffee if you were here. I really would!

But since you're not here, I offer you instead a sock monkey wearing a cat wig.
I hope you'll understand.

If not, just smile and nod. :-)


Fonda said...

I like the wig better on the sock monkey. He looks not so (no offense) creepy! I missed the sock monkey phase and just don't get it!
I'm sure Lily and Tinsel are jealous that Mr. Monkey gets to wear the wig!
Also love your wedding invites!

Sharon said...

I not only smiled and nodded but I also LOL. Goodness, what will you think of next. Has DH tried on the wig yet?

Cheri said...

Hm, Sharon has a good idea...get Spouse to wear the wig and post that pic! (Then your blog can make us laugh that day!!)

If you don't get it (and I'm sure Spouse wouldn't like this idea)...you can smile & nod too.


toners said...

Sock monkey looks soooo cool!! It's a great look! :)

Linda said...

I'm smiling. That wig is just too much!