02 October 2015

Feline Friday: It Must Be Love...or the Catnip!

 Sometime during the dog days of summer, I picked up a catnip plant for less than $1. I stuck it in a pot on the patio so I could occasionally snip bits off for Lily and Tinsel but I also hoped it would attract a few feline visitors to our yard. The girls generally like seeing critters outside the window, but cat visitors always generate extreme excitement! Of course, I would never allow them to actually interact with a feline guest. They only peer out the window!

It took just a few weeks for the catnip plant to work its magic! This beautiful tuxedo kitty who lives across the street ventured over one day. I directed him to the catnip and he's been back several times since! He is a wonderfully friendly kitty and would come right inside with me if I'd let him. I do worry about him being outside but he seems to be quite cautious and speedy when crossing the street.

Lily looks out the window at him with very little interest. Our mild-mannered Tinsel, on the other hand, turns into Some Kind of Wild Thing as she feverishly defends the home turf through the sliding doors!

Imagine her growling, hissing, and fighting this big guy through the glass! Meanwhile, Mr. Tuxie is getting mellower and mellower...

After a certain amount of catnip, he's oblivious to Tinsel's most unwelcoming behavior!
I bet he's thinking: "DUDE, chill out!"

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