16 October 2015

Feline Friday: Playtime with Tinsel

Even though she's 14 years old, Tinsel loves to play...up to a point. She runs, jumps, and chases -- until she remembers that she's playing or notices that Lily is watching her. Then she immediately stops. Her entire facial expression changes!

That's what happened recently. Tinsel was running and playing very actively until she noticed Lily observing her. (How did Lily get her elbow to do that, by the way? LOL)

When Tinsel realized she was being watched, she stopped playing and got a surly look on her face. Sweet Tinsel! I couldn't resist the chance to adorn her with a few toys!

Sorry, Tinsel! We're just playing! :)
Happy Feline Friday!
Hope you get the opportunity to play today!

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