10 October 2015

Bathroom Remodel:Ready for Grout

 The tile is completely installed now and we are ready for grout! Here you can get a better look at the floor tile now that most of the equipment has been removed.

 The tile is so pretty and the contractor is doing an outstanding job with installation.

We spent quite a bit of time this past week choosing grout colors for both the shower and the floor tile. Finding the right color proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated but I believe we are finally ready for the grout to be installed. More on that later!

Lily and Tinsel have enjoyed patrolling around the new space!

Lily says: 
Please get rid of this green wallpaper, Mom! :)
You'll have to put up with the wallpaper for a bit longer, Lily, but it will be covered up by wainscoting soon!
Thanks for following along with our project. I will have another update next week after the grout is installed!

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