05 October 2015


 Over the past few days we've been working on a big newsletter for the store where I teach. Although it is tedious work, I really do enjoy the process of putting it together! 

It was a little more challenging than usual this time, because the product I planned to use for our Christmas card class (one of a few classes I'm teaching which are included in this newsletter) was late arriving. This meant that I was trying to create 18 cards and write instructions, etc. at the same time as doing the newsletter. This has happened before, but it is generally NOT a good thing to have those two big tasks going on simultaneously!

 Every time I finished a round of edits, I would feverishly work on making a few more cards, then pick up my mess and start back on the next phase of the newsletter. In one morning clean-up frenzy, I lost one of my precious red editing pens in a cup of coffee! :)

 The good news is that I finished all of the cards and the newsletter...and lived to write this blog post! :)
 Yay for multi-tasking!

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