30 October 2015

Feline Friday with Rory

We recently visited our daughter -- and her kitty -- in Texas. It was great to see Bailey, and I was excited to meet Rory for the first time! I'll admit I took more pictures of the kitty than the daughter!

I knew Rory was tiny, but she is much finer-boned than I envisioned. Her whole body is very narrow. She makes Tinsel and Lily look like sumo wrestlers!

Immediately after Bailey adopted Rory, she discovered that something was not quite right. After several trips to the vet, it turned out that this poor baby had a somewhat unusual intestinal parasite. EWWW! Thankfully, Miss Rory responded to the medication very quickly and is doing fine. Since coming to live with Bailey, Rory has gained weight each week but now that she is parasite-free, I'm guessing her weight will start to pick up a bit more quickly.
 Bailey is being very careful with her food so she doesn't develop bad habits. Can't imagine which of our kitties she might be referring to! HA! Still, Rory loves her treats!


Rory has a keen interest in running water and while we were there, she had almost figured out how to drink from the sink. This is an important skill for an indoor kitty!

 And she loves to climb!

This girl already knows who is in charge and is clearly surveying her kingdom!

Happy Feline Friday!

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