03 October 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Shower Tile

The bathroom remodel is moving forward, and the guys are now installing subway tile in the shower. Be still, my heart! I love how it looks so far! 

The tile is cream in color and coordinates nicely with the light caramel-colored hexagon floor tile and the creamy counter top on the new vanity. We are planning to choose a darker grout so that the lines between the tiles will still be visible (similar to the cement lines you can see in this photo). If we chose a cream-colored grout to match the tile, the "geometry" of the tile would disappear, giving the walls a more "solid" appearance, which is not the look we're seeking!

I'm intrigued by the process the guys are using to install the tile. The little plastic things sticking out are spacers which keep the tile evenly positioned. It is a lot of work to be sure the tile is properly spaced!

 At the end of each day, the Quality Assurance Inspectors look everything over to be sure it meets their exacting standards. Once again, they gave it a 4-paws UP!

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