11 October 2015

Violets -- in a New Light!

Bailey's African violets traveled from Indiana to Texas (one even made the trip from Iowa) and they're all doing great! Since Rory came to live with her, she's had to move them around somewhat because New Kitty seems to have a keen interest in the foliage, yet her violets are still thriving!

But my violet (shown on the left) had not bloomed since I purchased it with her back in March. The clipping she gave me in August is doing great but isn't large enough to bloom quite yet.

According to Bailey, who clearly has a green thumb for violets and has read up on such things, violets need light from an east or north window. My violets had been in front of a south(ish) window. After I moved them to a north(ish) window and started feeding them more regularly, my original plant generated buds...

...and then this!

 My north window is in our dining room, not an ideal place for a violet nursery, but they're doing great so there they'll stay!

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