22 October 2015

Turkey TALES

  One of the workers helping with our bathroom project noticed I have a few old pheasant and turkey feathers lying around the house for the kitties. He's an avid hunter and offered to bring me a few feathers. I'm not at all in favor of hunting, mind you, but I agreed to take a few for the girls.

Imagine my surprise when he arrived a few days later with not just a few feathers, but TWO ENTIRE TURKEY TAILS. YIKES!

In my politeness, I seriously did not know what to say. Especially when he told me that there was still a little bit of turkey attached. EWWW!

The feathers are really soft and beautiful. After stressing about the fate of the poor turkey, my next thought was that we should use some of the extras for crafts. That was before I realized that they were firmly implanted in turkey body!

 The contractor guy offered to pull out the feathers with pliers but forgot to do it before he left for another job. So I put the turkey tails outside on the patio hoping the "body part" of the tail would dry out.

Finally I decided to work on the tails myself. The small feathers are pretty easy to pull out, but the long feathers are really stuck in tightly. I could only pull out a few before I was completely sickened by thoughts of what had happened to the poor turkey.

Note: These feathers are still in the garage. I will wash them with soap and water before letting the kitties play with them!

So I left the tails out on the patio. Each time the feathers flapped in the wind, poor Lily and Tinsel went into high alert!

 After a couple of days on the step, something very strange happened.

One of the tails disappeared! Did a person come by and take it? If so, that gives me the creeps. Did a predator take it? That also gives me the creeps! 

So now I'm down to one turkey tail. That's one more turkey tail than I ever expected to have!

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