03 July 2015

Feline Friday: Catnip Friend!

 Last week I picked up a catnip plant on clearance at the garden center. After just a few days, the catnip had the desired effect: A FURRY FELINE VISITOR!

After indulging in a treat, this beautiful tuxie from across the street plopped down on the patio for a bit. This provided Lily and Tinsel with some excitement for the afternoon as they watched from inside the sliding glass door.

 It's not often that a handsome male visitor comes to call! And this kitty is just as sweet as he is beautiful.

In fact, this kitty is so friendly that he once bolted inside the house with me! As you might imagine, this unexpected visit caused Tinsel and Lily to have an Extreme Anxiety Attack in the two seconds before I could get him scooped up and back outside. They were poised for the kill!

Yes, Tuxie, for your own safety, it's best if you visit these girls from behind the protective glass barrier! :)

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Kristina said...

Our kitties cousin, puppy dog Lily came for a visit last weekend and they were not very nice about sticking around to say "hi"...all four bolted upstairs as soon as Lily came bounding in the door.