12 July 2015

Succulents: The Carnage Continues

 Well, it's time for my regular succulent "check-in" post. I've now decided that in fact you CAN kill succulents without even knowing how you did it.

In my last post, I had planted two new succulents to replace those that died after I accidentally baked them in the sun -- the large one at left and the taller spiky one in the middle. From the moment I planted them, it didn't look good. The large one lost several leaves (I swear, they just fell off!) and the spiky one barely had any roots. Still, ever the optimist when it comes to gardening, I clung to hope.

Here's how the dish looks today, folks. 

Can you feel my frustration? This time, it only took a few days for the new succulents to die. Still, it was a pitiful, sad sight.

Interestingly, the succulents I purchased at Earl May a few months ago are still living, but two of the three from Home Depot have died. So in order to optimize my chances, I think I'll replace those two dead ones at Earl May. 

To illustrate my point, the jade plant and this other little guy are still doing great.

Look at this goofy guy! I wish he looked less like a giraffe, but at least he is still alive! This plant has grown a good three inches since I purchased it. I've read that you can actually cut off leggy succulents and propagate new plants from the leaves, but that seems like an ambitious undertaking for someone like me. I don't want to kill a plant that is actually thriving, and I'm pretty sure that is entirely possible.

These two furry plants are also doing well.

The aloe plant is the only Home Depot succulent which is thriving under my watchful eye. It even has new growth!

So my succulent experience so far has been a mixed bag. You grow some, you kill some. But I love the neat and tidy look of succulents and I'm not giving up yet!

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