31 July 2015

Feline Friday

My apologies for the lack of posts recently! We've had a lot on our minds around here. All good stuff, but still...a lot on our minds! 

The main bit of news is that our daughter just accepted a job as an assistant band director...in EAST TEXAS! That is a LONG WAY from home, ya'll, but we are super excited for her! More on all of this later!

The reason I'm sharing this on Feline Friday is that we've been waiting all summer to find out where she'd be moving, and we had determined that if it were "close enough", then Lily would be moving, too. She was looking in a few different states, so we've been on pins and needles waiting to see where she would land!

As you can see, this has been weighing on Lily's mind! She has been so worried that she could barely sleep her full 22 hours per day!

Lily has even been practicing her "horseback riding" pose so she'd be ready to move to Texas!

After a lot of thought, Daughter determined that Texas is just too far (over 12 hours) to transport her. Either Lily -- or SPOUSE! -- would have to be sedated! Plus, now that she's been there for a couple of weeks, Daughter reports that Texas is way too hot for Lily. I'm very happy that she'll be adopting an East Texas kitty who needs a home!

So...I'm pretty sure that Lily will not be moving to Texas, much to Tinsel's disappointment!


Renita G. said...

Oh Happy Day!!! Congrats to Bailey and so happy Lily is staying home. Best news of all is that a kitty will have a wonderful forever home when Bailey gets settled. Sorry Tinsel, you just gotta take one for the team! ha ha

Jill Morgenstern said...

OH! But east Texas?!? They can Lily and Tinsel can come visit Nimue and Sugar now! Because I'm sure it's right on your way to visit. :-) CONGRATULATIONS to her on the new job! How she's grown! :-)