06 August 2015

State of the Succulents

When I bought my first succulents in March, I thought they'd be easy to care for and impossible to kill. While they are practically maintenance-free, I've proven (repeatedly) that they can indeed be killed, in the ugliest sort of way.

I've lost track of how many "do overs" I've now had. Last week I stopped by Earl May to replace the two succulents I most recently killed. Look how cute (and alive!) these guys are!

I added them to my pitiful succulent dish and in the process, one of the healthy looking plants broke off at the base, leaving me with an awkward space in the middle. Apparently no succulent is safe around me!

 So I moved another plant from a separate pot into the Succulent Dish of Death. Looks good...for now.

 Truthfully, I'm not a complete failure when it comes to succulents. All of these guys are in various states of alive-ness. Not so sure about the one in the tiny pot.

 I especially like these fuzzy guys (mostly because they are living, but also because they're fluffy in a succulent sort of way). When I purchased new succulents, I decided to buy another one like this. Just to build on my success, you know. :)

My jade plant also continues to thrive. I'm starting to think it might actually be plastic.

My Christmas cactus (which I've had for years) and my new aloe vera plant are also still green and thriving.

But what's the deal with this guy (banana for scale)? This is not an attractive plant. But my criteria does not include "attractive" at this point.

He seems to like the light in my craft room. I'm pretty much the only one who sees him there which is probably a good thing. 

For the record, my violet (on the left) is also doing well, although it hasn't bloomed for quite some time. Bailey, on the other hand, is having great success with her violets. While we were in Texas, she divided one of her lovely blooming plants and gave me a cutting.
 I also noticed that her succulents have adjusted to the Texas heat and are OUTSIDE on the balcony, doing quite well! They get a bit of morning sun and are shaded the rest of the day.

Maybe that's the answer. I'll pack up my succulents and head to the Lone Star State. :)

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