28 August 2015

Feline Friday: Lily's New Friend

 In case you thought this post might be about Bailey's new kitty, it's not! There was a slight delay in kitty pick-up. She'll be coming home for sure this weekend!

No...this post is about something very creepy! In fact, it pains me a great deal to share these pictures. It pained me even more to take them, but I can't resist a picture of Lily doing something cute, even if it is creepy!

I am DEATHLY afraid of frogs. I have the same amount of loathing for frogs as I do for snakes. They are in the same category of creepiness! Imagine my fright when last night I found Spouse taking a picture of a TREE FROG stuck to our front door. YIKES!

It only took a minute for Lily to discover the creepy visitor, so I put a stool at the front door so she could see him more closely. You could see his chin (or gills, or whatever!) breathing in and out! FREAKED ME OUT COMPLETELY!

But not Lily! She swatted at the frog repeatedly. Just being friendly, of course.

 Hi, frog! Hi, frog! Hi, frog!

Lucky for me, the end result of all this Frog Swatting was the frog hopping away.

And not a moment too soon! WHEW!

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