02 September 2015

Bathroom Remodel: Major Destruction Ahead!

After a few weeks of planning, we will soon be embarking on a major overhaul (read: DESTRUCTION!) of our master bathroom (and eventually our bedroom). I can hardly contain my excitement!

This remodel is long overdue. Our bathroom is trapped in time from the early 1990's, as we have not changed a thing since the day we moved in in 1994. You may recall that mauve, country blue, and evergreen were the colors of the day back then. Floral patterns were popular. Shiny gold was the Big Thing. Corner whirlpool tubs were all the rage. Although I wasn't too keen on the pink floral fabric, back in 1994 our master bathroom seemed luxurious and trendy!

We have updated most areas of the house but have left our bathroom untouched for practical reasons. Why spend the money if no one but us sees it? Yet there comes a time (at the 21-year mark, I think!) when even that argument grows thin. Certainly if we ever considered selling the house, the bathroom in its current trapped-in-time state would probably be a deterrent to prospective buyers.

Wallpaper border? We've got it, and then some! Truly, it was lovely back then, but it is past its prime.

So I removed all of the curtains from both the bathroom and the bedroom.

 Each curtain contained MILES of fabric. Wow!

We've met with a designer and contractor, ordered a new cabinet and counter-tops, and picked out new tile, faucets, and more. I absolutely love the new plan.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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