06 September 2015


She has a name! Rory is Bailey's newest companion in Texas! I absolutely cannot wait to meet this girl! She is full of PURR-sonality! 

I know from experience that if you're a cat person, it's very hard to be without a kitty. So I'm very happy that it worked out for Bailey to finally have a furry friend!

Rory is a rescue kitty. We don't know much about her story, except that she was brought in to a shelter as a stray sometime in early 2015. She would have been a very young kitten at that time, so we can only imagine what her life on the street must have been like. The shelter closed sometime in the spring, and she was taken in by a local foster organization. Rory had been staying in a loving foster home with lots of other rescue kitties, receiving the best of care, when Bailey met her. 

Rory impresses everyone she meets with her spunky personality! From the first time Bailey met her, Rory jumped right up on her shoulders. Lily also likes to ride on Bailey's shoulders, so that was definitely a sign that Rory had found the right fur-ever meowmy! 

A couple of weeks went by before the Big Day, which gave Bailey some time to get all the supplies she needed. Meanwhile, her foster mom sent this picture of little Rory waiting for Saturday to come, when she could finally go to her fur-ever home!

On the drive home, Bailey learned that Rory has a rather loud, howling meow. Not a fan of car rides, Mom!

But as soon as they arrived at Bailey's apartment, she settled in nicely! No hiding under the bed for this girl! She adapted immediately to her new home!

She has been fascinated by the fireplace, venturing in and back out! She must be checking for Santa. :)

Look at those long legs! Looks like Rory has some growing to do!

She also found the bathtub! :)

She has proven to be an exceptionally sweet kitty, the perfect companion for Bailey.

In case you were thinking she looks a bit like Tinsel, she does! They both have brown tabby markings, but as you can see from this side-by-side comparison, Tinsel's face is darker. Rory also has amber eyes, while Tinsel's eyes are green. Otherwise they do look a lot alike!

 Welcome, Rory! We've been waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

What a blessed lady! What a blessed kitty!

Kristina said...

Rory is so cute! Yay for Bailey for rescuing her! Three of ours came from the ARL and then Coco found us as a stray.

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited that we've added a third kitty to our family and can't wait to meet her. I agree, Kristina, it's so great to adopt a rescue kitty. Yours are beautiful, and Coco is just stunning! I often wonder what would have become to Tinsel had we not adopted her. She was skittish (still is) and would not have adapted well to certain kinds of households.