25 September 2015

Feline Friday

On Day One of the bathroom remodeling project, the contractors put down sticky plastic sheeting in the hallway and on the stairs to protect the carpet.  After the contractors left for the day, the kitties came out of the room where I'd been keeping them and encountered this strange new floor covering.

Oh, my! Neither of them would step on it!

They tried to keep their little feet on the wood trim as they walked up and down the steps.

It was hilarious!

I even caught each of them separately trying to make their way up the OUTSIDE edge of the stairs!

After a few days, they've adapted (sort of) to the plastic. Tinsel doesn't mind it too much but Lily would still prefer to be carried up and down the stairs. I'm not falling for that ploy! :)

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Heather said...

Oh me...this is too funny!!!