14 September 2015

September Succulent (and Violet!) Check-In

Big news!

Well, not really. But I am excited that for (I think) the first time, I did not kill off any of my succulents! They all survived the past three-week interval between watering. That, my friends, appears to be an accomplishment.

If you are skeptical about this claim, I have some pictures to prove it!

The jade plant is doing extremely well. Maybe I should buy only jade plants in the future. It looks the same every day. I still think it might be plastic, but I don't really want to know so I haven't looked too closely.

 My Christmas cactus (which--remarkably--I've had for years) and the new aloe plant are also doing great. With me in the kitchen, it's reassuring to know that I can just nip off an aloe leaf and tend to my next burn.

 And here's the rest of my motley collection of smaller succulents. The one at the right just keeps getting taller. Something may have to be done with him but for now, I'm just happy he's alive.

 My violets are doing great, now that I moved them to a window on the other side of the house. (I'm sure feeding them has something to do with it, too.) The one at the left is getting ready to bloom for the first time since I bought it last spring. The small one was just a tiny snip from one of Bailey's violets. She cut and planted it for me in August and it has done extremely well. Bailey has proven herself to be quite handy with violets!

My violets are now occupying Tinsel's prime outdoor viewing bench. It's not an attractive place for them but it's working. Make room for violets, Tinsel!

This modest success gives me a small degree of hope for the future! No more death and destruction of cute little succulents!

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