11 September 2015

Feline Friday: Don't Try This at Home

 If you're a cat person, you understand that a hungry cat will not permit sleep. 

Nope, no sleeping until said cat is fed. 

So of course I have to hop out of bed frequently in the middle of the night to tend to hungry cats. I know this perpetuates Bad Behavior (especially in Lily) so I usually put her in the basement as soon as the nighttime antics begin. (OK, I give I her just a little nibble first...)

In a effort to improve the quality of my sleep, awhile back I got the Very Bright Idea to put cat treats in my nightstand drawer. This has worked out just great, because at the first sign of a Hungry Cat, I can reach over, EYES STILL CLOSED, pull open my drawer and fling cat treats into the darkness. 

Yep, I have become That Person.

I recently upgraded my operation to include a Tupperware bowl, because the rustling of the treat bag was waking Spouse and causing some unpleasant interactions. :) Now I can open the container and fling treats with very little disruption to the humans in the bed.

The down side of this Very Bright Idea is that now when I go to bed, I have TWO KITTIES sitting by the nightstand in anticipation of Treat Flinging. 
Smart girls. They have trained their human well!

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Kristina said...

Because of Tucker's insulin shots, we have to feed our herd at 6:30am and 6:30pm give or take an hour. We don't even have to set an alarm clock for the 6:30am feeding...they let us know. :)