21 September 2015

Target Dollar Spot Trays

I know I've posted about trays in the past (here and here are two of many posts), but I seriously cannot get enough of them! I have several trays in my craft room and use them all the time for corralling project supplies. Trays make it easy to whisk everything off to a different room to work or to keep materials separated if you're working on multiple projects at the same time!

A few days ago, I happened to find wooden black trays at the Target Dollar Spot for just $3 each! I cut some paper to fit inside them, then cut a separate piece of acetate to cover the paper. Nothing is glued down, so it's easy to switch the paper and use the trays for holidays or other occasions!

 I have a file of paper I've amassed over the years to match my craft room. Luckily, I had two sheets which worked great in these new trays. I've already put them to work!

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