07 August 2015

Feline Friday: Kitten Watch with Tinsel

 For quite some time, I've been following the TinyKittens foster kitten cam in British Columbia. I've watched a few litters being born and followed the kittens through adoption. Shelly, the woman who runs TinyKittens, is absolutely fabulous and completely dedicated to rescue work, and she is now fostering her second feral mama cat from a local feral colony. Yesterday, that mama gave birth, and Tinsel was glued to the screen the entire time! (Excuse my messy desk!)

 It's very interesting watching a feral (versus domesticated) cat during this process. Feral mamas have to be very protective and watchful for predators at all times. This mama kitty gave birth to EIGHT kittens in less than one hour. It was amazing!

Tinsel enjoys watching the kitten litters occasionally but for this birth, she never took her eyes off the screen! That was also interesting to me. Tinsel was less than a year old and spayed when we adopted her, but we don't know her history. I'm sure she never had a litter of her own, but she certainly was fascinated with this one!
WHOA, mom! Look at dat! 

I'll admit, this kitten cam is addicting! :)

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