21 August 2015

Feline Friday: Relief!

Lily is staying with me!

How do I know this for sure? Bailey has adopted a NEW KITTY in Texas and will be picking her up tomorrow!

 I am ever so excited about NEW KITTY! She's completely adorable and I cannot wait to share pictures!

And did I mention that Lily will be staying with me? :)

Lily and I had both been a bit worried that we'd be making the trip to Texas with her (actually SPOUSE) howling in the back seat. If Bailey had decided to take her, I would have done The Right Thing and made it happen. But I'm not gonna lie...it would have been very hard for me.

Because...look at these feet!

 Look at this face! (Well, that's a weird face...)

 Look at THIS face!
Now, everyone stays put and Bailey gets an extra kitty to love...TOMORROW!


Kristina said...

I'm glad that Lily gets to stay! Connor says he want to take Gizmo and Coco when he finally gets settled, but I told him "no"...I couldn't be without either.

Janet said...

I know you completely understand, Kristina! :) Thought I might have to arm wrestle her for Lily. Glad it didn't come to that. She's much stronger than me!!