10 July 2015

Feline Friday: Walking with Tinsel

 Both of our kitties love to go outside on the leash! As soon as the weather warms up in the spring, Tinsel waits at the door, meowing for a trip to the yard.

As soon as I pick up the leash, Tinsel came running! She is always anxious to go outside.

 She makes a beeline for her favorite grasses. I let her nibble a little bit but not too much!

She is on the go, hitting all of her favorite spots!

Tinsel the Adventurer!

Tinsel has a look of alarm on her face 90% of the time, inside or out. :) 

In front of the house, she stopped to smell the bushes. I'll bet she detected deer.

Look! Tinsel is shrinking like Alice in Wonderland! :) Those oak leaf hydrangea leaves are as big as she is!

Back to the business at hand!

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