24 June 2015

Succulents: Do-Over

In case anyone thinks that you can't kill succulents, I recently offered proof that in fact, you can. I've let my dish of sunburned succulents rest inside for a couple of weeks, feeling terrible and hoping for a miracle, but recently I decided it was time to let them go. This sight was just too sad to see every day:

  So I stopped by Home Depot on my way home from running errands. Look at all of these beautiful succulents -- full of life!

I'll admit I have become slightly obsessed with their tidy, compact shapes!

I picked out three small succulents to replace those I baked and brought them home to plant. Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic about this do-over because one of the plants (the spiky one at right) completely fell apart when I took it out of the Home Depot container. The roots are very shallow!

I packed it tightly into the new soil, trying to prop it up a bit, and in short order it looked pretty good. But in the process of rescuing Mr. Spiky, a couple of the leaves popped off the big, squatty succulent at the left. Good grief! Aren't these plants supposed to be HARDY?

As I disposed of the sunburned succulents, I found two that seemed to be clinging to life, so I thought I'd give them a second (third?) chance. I put them each in a small pot because they deserve their own space at this point!

  I also bought an aloe plant because I have grown them successfully in the past and let's face it: I need a Positive Succulent Outcome! Plus, they're handy to have around in case of a burn, which could happen at any time with me in the kitchen.

I gave them each a gentle watering...

 ...and will now leave them alone for the next three weeks until the next time I need to water them. No trips to the outdoors for these guys! 

Cross your fingers and watch for my next State of the Succulents report!

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