11 June 2015

Garden=Not A Salad Bar

 A few days ago, I took some photos of my front flower bed, admiring how nicely my three large hostas had filled out. We have lots of hostas in the yard but these are the largest and prettiest of the bunch.

Turns out I'm glad I took these pictures, because THE FUN IS OVER! Three naughty deer ate my beautiful hostas down to the stems!
The funny (not funny) thing is that I got up in the night with Tinsel and discovered the three culprits standing in this very garden. They looked in the window and we watched each other innocently for quite awhile. IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME THAT THEY HAD BEEN UP TO NO GOOD! In the 21 years we've lived in this house, we've NEVER had deer eat any of our plants. 

We see deer in our yard several times each month, and I've always welcomed them! But now, I am not so pleased! I'm off to buy Liquid Fence, I guess. :(


Heather said...

Oh no!!! :( I'm sorry about your hostas. They were beautiful! Apparently they were tasty too...

Kimberly Marie said...

How awful! They really were large and very lovely. I, too, enjoyed deer in our yard regularly, but then Romeo got a deer tick, and off to the vet we were to check for Lyme Disease!!! Not only worrisome, but expensive for the removal and blood test. THANK GOODNESS he did not test positive, but that certainly put a damper on my enjoyment of the deer grazing in our yard!!