01 June 2015

Selling More of My Childhood

Over the past year, I've been slowly (very slowly) selling a few items on ebay and at a local antique store. Progress has been painfully slow but I have moved a few items out of the house. I am hoping to pick up the pace this summer.

It has been particularly hard for me to part with items from my own childhood. I know this is about more than the objects themselves. They represent connections to the life I had with my parents growing up, so there's a part of me that likes to hold on to those physical reminders. Taking pictures helps me "process" the memories and let go. 

Reminder to self: I don't need to keep the object to keep the memory.

My Busy Bee pull toy...

 This Fisher Price radio...

This Playskool record player...

This bronzed baby shoe needs a new home. I had no trouble saying goodbye to it as I have no memory of it.

Someone must have made me these fancy booties.
I am releasing all of these treasures so they can now go to new homes and new adventures. 

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