31 May 2015

Succulents: Two Months Later...

A couple of months ago, I planted several succulents and hoped to keep them alive. This is what they looked like at that time...

  After a few weeks, I've had mixed results. The three I planted in these small white pots are looking pretty weak. They're still alive but look at the one on the left! It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!

And look at the dead parts on the bottom of this one. Not too attractive!

The jade plant, however, is doing great and has quite a bit of new growth. I think this might be my favorite.

And the three plants I put in other pots are also doing fine, with new growth on each of them. 

 I especially like this one! He will eventually need a larger pot.

So as much as I like the small white pots, I decided to move those wimpy succulents into a larger dish with a couple of new ones. My logic: Disguise their sickly appearance while giving them a bit more space!

I couldn't find quite the dish I envisioned but settled on this one because it has holes in the bottom and a nice little tray. It's designed for succulents so maybe that will give these guys a fighting chance!

I put a couple of shards (love that word!) in the bottom to lightly cover the holes and keep all the dirt from washing out.

Lily helped!

 As it turned out, I could only fit two of the wimpy plants in with the two new ones. I moved the Dr. Seuss plant to a slightly larger pot. Hopefully he will start to fill out.

 Awhile back, I found these decent-looking fake succulents at Target. If all else fails, I might have to buy a few more!

Change is good for everyone, including succulents, right? Cross your fingers!

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Kristina said...

I have one of those same fake succulents from Target! Your new succulent planter looks great.