28 March 2015

Succulents: 3 Weeks and Counting!

I planted my succulents about three weeks ago, and I'm pleased to report that they are all STILL ALIVE!

I put a reminder in my phone to water them every three weeks, and today was the day. I will say that they definitely seemed to need water, as some leaves felt very squishy and almost limp. Three weeks gave the soil plenty of time to dry out, but I'll have to watch them to be sure it's not too long.

Because water runs rapidly through the lightweight succulent soil, I put them in the sink to drain.

 I can see new growth on the succulents, including this jade plant. I am very happy to finally be using this super cool planter I bought a few years back. I love the shape and color!

This little guy is doing great! Unfortunately, I didn't have a saucer to fit his clay pot.

 But I found something even better: A glazed clay saucer that Bailey made in elementary school! It works perfectly for this little plant.

 The artist even signed it on the bottom! :)

Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep these guys alive! So far, so good!


Kimberly Marie said...

They look great! Here's hoping they continue to thrive! :)

Janet said...

Thanks...let's keep our fingers crossed! I remember you said you had some trouble with succulents. I read that certain types can be harder to grow. We'll see! :) Thanks for stopping by!