07 March 2015


Have you noticed how popular succulents are right now? I've had succulents from time to time over the years and have been anxious to try them again. I love their clean and simple look! In fact, I've been saving up several pots with this in mind but hadn't had a chance to go buy any...until today!

Here are the pots I had set aside for this little project. I bought the gold container at left at a vintage shop a few years ago...that is how long I have been waiting for this project! I've had the little white porcelain pots for over 20 years, and they've held everything from small flowers to herbs. The two containers at the lower right came from my parents' house. I found the brown pot in a box of old flower pots in our garden shed. And my mom had collected almost 20 containers like the small pot with the attached dish. I almost kept them all, but I decided one was probably enough and sold the rest at the auction.

Earl May had lots of succulents -- and they were on sale today, as luck would have it! So I bought enough to fill the containers. I may have to go back for more.

 I also purchased a bag of soil and some small rocks, which I thought I'd use to cover the soil to make the pots look a little more "finished". In looking at succulent plantings online, I noticed that a lot of people use rocks as a final touch.

I started with the jade plant. Easy enough! I've had jade plants in the past and love the tidy look of them. Hope I can keep this one alive! 

After I took this picture, I covered the soil with the rocks. Then I decided I didn't like the look of that, so I removed all of the rocks. I'll use them for something, but I didn't care for them in my plants!

And here are the finished pots! I placed them in a sunny spot until the soil dries out completely, then I'll move them elsewhere in the house. The Earl May guy said they prefer direct sun and should be watered every three weeks. I set a reminder in my phone so I won't water them too frequently -- generally not a problem in this house! :)

This was a quick little project which I hope will brighten things up around here. It makes me believe that spring is ALMOST HERE! 


Kristina said...

I love succulents! I have a jade and an aloe plant. I'm going to buy a couple of others to decorate the garden rack I have on our deck. Yours looks great!

Kimberly Marie said...

My daughter put together a succulent planter for me this past fall. Despite my diligent effort to maintain them, they died off, one by one! Loved the look of them, and want to have a second chance at it, but I think I'll read up on them a bit more first. They seemed finicky, though I know they're known for being relatively low maintenance!! I do have a mature jade plant that was given to us, that we fondly call "The Louie Tree" which my husband loves! I almost killed it due to lack of knowing how to care for it, but, after replanting and relocating it, I brought it back to good health. It seems to prefer very cool air, so it's in our foyer and is doing great there now!