17 March 2015

More Plantings!

 It's spring break! We're not going anywhere (never do) but are enjoying the BEST treat ever: Our daughter is home for a few days! She didn't come home for spring break last year because she was preparing for her senior recital and we weren't sure if she would be home this year, so we feel especially lucky to have her here. She is mid-way through her student teaching assignment and The Job Search looms large, but she still has a little bit of time for some fun!

She saw my post about succulents last week and decided she wanted to find a few more plants to add to her current set. In addition, she brought home her plants so we could re-pot them with new dirt. The lovely weather was perfect for all of this "container gardening" action!

New succulent! :)

Bailey's newly re-potted African violets, plus a new white one I bought for myself!
  I love that Bailey has taken an interest in violets. My late maternal grandma was fabulous with flowers and had a particular fondness for violets. They filled her windows and brightened up her house. I've had a few over the years and am looking forward to trying one again.

Bailey has also developed an interest in cooking so is going to try her hand at growing a few things from seed. Cross your fingers that she'll have sprouts in a few days!

In my last post, I mentioned that I had bought rocks but didn't care for the look of them in my succulents. Well, all of my succulents (and Bailey's, too) are now sporting rocks. Turns out there is a practical purpose for them. Succulent soil is very lightweight and tends to overflow the pot when you water. Even though you don't water succulents very often, it makes a MESS and gets dirt all over the pretty foliage. The rocks help contain the dirt and keep it from flowing out of the pot. Live and learn!

Happily, all of the succulents I planted last week are showing signs of growth. Bailey's plants are doing well, too.

New plants...new growth...for all of us!


Sarah Coggins said...

Good tip about the rocks! I guess that's why my mom's neighbors who own a nursery added rocks to the little succulent garden they helped my son create. Yours look much better than ours! I think I either manage to under water them or over water them. :-/

Kimberly Marie said...

So exciting when it gets to Spring time and we're all itching for some pretty green plants, flowers and such. My mother does good with African Violets. I may have to try them for myself, too. ☺ Hope Bailey's herbs grow successfully, and so glad she was able to come home this Spring break! Have a great time together!!

Kristina said...

I just like the look of rock covering my household plants. Your succulents look great!