06 March 2015

Feline Friday: Bobbing for Morsels

 Remember bobbing for apples, that Halloween game some of us had to play as kids? (I hated it, by the way! Hated to get my hair wet...hated to get my face wet...hated the idea of kids slobbering in the water or on the apples! YUCK!) Well, recently there was a version of that game -- Bobbing for MORSELS -- taking place on our counter!

It was a Saturday morning and I was refilling Tinsel's food container, mixing two kinds of food together. I left the room for a split second and returned to THIS! Lily was up on the counter with her head WAY down in the container! Although I've seen her do this before, I'll admit it was pretty hilarious. (Spouse, as you can see, is completely oblivious to the entire situation taking place just behind him!)

Yum, got one! :)

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