27 March 2015

Feline Friday: Da FURminator

Shortly before spring break, I discovered that I had somehow lost our cat grooming comb. It's not like I've been traveling around with it, so it's sort of odd that it disappeared. Now if you live in a house with cats, you don't want to lose your comb. Lily especially sheds a LOT, so I definitely have to keep up with the grooming!

Our previous comb was a round "shedding blade" with teeth on one side. It worked extremely well for Lily's thick fur. As Tinsel has aged, however, I've noticed that the blade was uncomfortable for her more delicate skin. Maybe Tinsel absconded with the blade, hoping I'd buy something better! :)
So while Bailey was home for break, we took the plunge and bought the rather pricey ($30+) FURminator. I've long heard about the wonders of this tool, and I WONDERED if it would be worth the money!

After using the FURminator for several days now, we ALL agree...it's the best brush EVER!

 As soon as we bought it, we took the girls outside for a serious grooming session. SO MUCH FUR came off of Lily that it looked as if she had never been brushed! 

 She was in HEAVEN!

We brushed her so long that we were pretty sure she'd end up bald! (She didn't!)

Tinsel waited patiently inside for her turn. She liked the FURminator better than the other comb, but she still doesn't enjoy grooming like she did when she was younger. I think in time she'll get used to the new brush. She sheds, but not NEARLY like Lily, so we don't have to brush her as often anyway.

I've brushed Lily several times since that day, and EACH TIME this much fur comes off of her! I seriously do not know where it is coming from! 

In addition to removing fur, the FURminator claims that it will improve kitty's coat by distributing oils. We have definitely found this to be true with Lily. Her fur is somewhat coarse so her coat has never been shiny and sleek like Tinsel's, but after FURMINATION, she is much softer. (Why wouldn't she be, without all of this extra hair? LOL) 

So if you're looking for a great kitty grooming tool, we would highly recommend spending the extra money for the FURminator! It's Lily tested and approved!



Kimberly Marie said...

Holy cow!!! That's a lot of fur. I am very interested in this for our Missie. She sheds terribly and all that fur floating around, on furniture, swirled in corners, etc. drives me CRAZY!!!! It's a chore keeping up with it daily. Definitely a must have for us, and I hope it works as great on Missie as it does Lily. I think she'd love the feeling of it as she's being groomed!

Janet said...

Kimberly, I would definitely recommend it! I sure didn't want to spend $30+ on a brush but it has definitely been worth it. Even though we brushed Lily regularly in the past, I'm amazed at how much more effective this tool is. I hope your Missie enjoys it! :)

Kristina said...

I may have to take the plunge and buy one. We use a comb on our kitties and we are amazed the amount of hair we get, so goodness knows how much will get using this tool! and it looks faster :)