21 June 2015


 On the heels of my recent SUCCULENT FAILURE and DEER HOSTA FEED, it's nice to be able to report some nominal garden success: My little pots of herbs are off to a great start! I usually grow one or two herbs during the summer but this time I decided to try a few more, and so far they are all still alive! And I've been using them regularly in my attempts at cooking. The only one I haven't tried yet is sorrel (on the left).

I do enjoy looking out at them on the patio. Then I wonder... what the heck am I doing with all of these herbs? I know they can be frozen so I'll look into that, but in the meantime these little green treasures make me happy!
Let's just hope the deer don't discover them!

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Kristina Botts said...

Looks good! I was just saying to the spouse today that our herb are growing like wild fire! It's the humidity...even our vegie garden is further along than is usually is.