10 June 2015

Succulents: Cooked :(

Well, ladies and gentlemen...
The Great Succulent Experiment which was going so well (okay, going SO SO) has now taken a nose dive.

Three days ago, I put my dish of succulents outside on the step to get some sunshine. I brought them inside when it threatened rain. Yesterday they looked great.

Today, they were COOKED.

According to Google, this is what SUNBURNED succulents look like. Apparently the direct sun on our patio was too intense for them. :(

This seriously makes me want to cry. I do not know if the poor little guys will recover from this. I'd say that the prognosis looks poor.


1 comment:

Kimberly Marie said...

Don't feel bad! I have absolutely no luck with succulents, either. Except for the mature Jade plant given to us by a friend!