01 February 2015

Childhood for Sale!

That's a dramatic blog post title, isn't it?

Well, that is kind of what I have been doing these days: Selling a few odds and ends from my childhood. After going through the experiences I've had in the past few years, I decided I'd much rather have control over what happens to my stuff than leave it for someone else to handle. So little by little, I'm getting rid of things.

It's not easy for me to do this. I definitely couldn't drop off my childhood belongings at Goodwill or a place like that, without knowing if they would go to a good home or end up in a dumpster. But selling my items makes me feel more comfortable -- not at all because of the money but simply because they're going to people who want them enough to buy them.

 Here are a few of the items I've sold so far. For people who grew up in the 1960's and 1970's, this may be a walk down memory lane!

This little group of mermaids sat on my dresser when I was a child. I always thought they were cute, but I'm glad they found a new home. I couldn't find a way to work them into my current decor! :)

I had totally forgotten about Heidi when I discovered her in a box of toys at my parents' house. I looked up photos of "Pocketbook Dolls" so I could identify all of her original components, then I dug around until I found her extra shoes and dress. Heidi will soon be off to a new home a few states east of here.

I sold these brand new Dawn Doll outfits and my Dawn Doll car. I'm not quite ready to let go of the dolls. Soon...soon...

 My Upsy Downsy set went to a new home a few weeks ago, and the new owner loves it. It makes me happy to see this quirky set go to a place where it will be enjoyed and appreciated!

This Liddle Kiddle Fireman and firetruck will be off to a new home next week. He's lost his shoes and time has turned him sort of green, but he's still pretty cute!

 I can't say that for this Shiba doll. Mercy. I had forgotten all about this doll, which I'm sure someone must have given me because of my red hair. I'm happy to report that she now has a new home where she can live out her life in the light of day rather than a dark basement. I just hope she finds some clothes in her new home out west!

 My Liddle Kiddles Violet Kologne Kiddle is settling in with someone who was thrilled to get her. I'm happy she will get the attention she deserves! I have fond memories of these dolls and can still remember the scent of their lavender hair.

My Liddle Kiddles ring, bracelet, and pin have all gone to new owners. It makes me feel good that they're no longer sitting neglected in a box but will be cherished by people who sought them out. (Sorry for the sideways picture!)

 I have not started selling my Barbie items because I'm still too emotionally attached to them, but I thought I could part with some of my Barbie-sized dishes. This Corning set sold right away...

 ...as did this Pyrex set. Their new owners were very excited, and I'm happy that they'll now be appreciated as part of a special collection.

Those are just a few of the items I've let go of so far. It feels good to have some control over this process and to know that, if I get hit by a donut truck, I won't burden someone else (namely my daughter!) with having to deal with all of my stuff. I just need to pick up the pace, because I have a very long way to go!

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Kimberly Marie said...

It's so hard to draw the line sometimes with what to keep and what not!