18 February 2015

Just Kitting!

  One of my tasks for the past couple of days was to make kits for an upcoming mini-album class. I wasn't quite sure how this particular kitting session would go, but things went very well this time. (Trust me, that is not always the case!) 

I think the key is pre-cutting everything FIRST, then assembling later. I cut all of the pieces at the store and brought them home to assemble. I counted almost 40 pieces for the album itself, plus 27 pieces in the embellishment bag. YIKES! 

 Call me weird, but I love seeing the different project components all ready to go. It's like having all of your ingredients pre-measured and organized before you start cooking! (That is only in my dream kitchen, of course!)

With a mini-album, I lay out the pieces from the back to the front starting with the back page, then rubber-band everything together. This makes it easy for the student to follow instructions, with pieces in the order they're needed. 

  With this type of kit, I always worry that I'll miss something and have to go back and insert it in the proper place -- usually deep in the middle of the project! But this time I was lucky. The piece I missed was at the very back! YAY!

More pieces...hoping I didn't mis-count!

I stopped to emboss a few scalloped pieces...

...then added a few more pages...counting, counting...

The piles were getting taller, and I hoped I hadn't missed anything! It's the WORST THING when you get to the end of your materials and have one piece left...or find yourself short a piece. Luckily that did not happen this time!

Finally, the end was in sight!

Pages and large elements, all rubber-banded and ready to insert into the kit! YAY!

Next task: Finish up the small bags.

This project was in the home stretch! 

I just bought a new blade for my Silhouette and wow, what a big difference it made! The shapes cut so cleanly! I quickly finished up my Silhouette cutting and added the pieces to the bags and...

...the kits were done! YAY!
Back when I was working in corporate HR and facilitated performance assessments for work teams, my own test results labeled me a "concluder-producer", which means I like getting things done. That's definitely an accurate assessment, because I absolutely LOVE finishing up big projects! When it's going well, I actually do enjoy the process!
Now on to the next big project!


Kristina said...

Looks like a cute album!

Kimberly Marie said...

The components to this album look really pretty and like it will be something fun to put together. Looks like there's some time involved in the preparation for one of these classes, and you have the perfect way to help it all come together so nicely!