20 February 2015

Feline Friday: Caught in the Act!

 I recently popped into the kitchen and witnessed some NAUGHTY BEHAVIOR as it happened! I decided just to watch it play out and grab a few quick pictures to document the crime. (Please ignore the messy pantry shelves!)

When I arrived on the scene, Lily had opened the bi-fold pantry doors. Easy enough. I knew exactly what she was going for: One of two open containers of kitty food on a high shelf. She knows where I keep it!

 Lily is not a very good jumper. She contemplates and "measures" quite a lot before making a leap. Her first step (I've seen her do this before) was to hop on top of the rolling 3-drawer cart. This makes her nervous because it wiggles a bit.

Success! I was surprised to see her looking around on the bottom shelf because the TASTY NOMS are on the shelf just above it. I guess she was looking for a bonus treat!

 The yellow bowl (which happened to be missing the lid on this day) was her primary target.

She stole a few morsels out of that bowl while I watched quietly. Very sneaky!

Look at that pink tongue! There was no doubt about her involvement in this crime!

Then she brazenly shoved her face right into the bowl! Might as well go for it! :) This continued for some time and then...

...she nonchalantly left the scene of the crime. 
Oh, hi, Mom! Who, me? :)


Kimberly Marie said...

Lol! Some nerve!! :) My Ziva will saunter right into the pantry if I leave the doors open even a minute, and try to snuggle down in a back corner to hide. Then she'd fall asleep there if I let her!

Kristina said...

LOL....we have to use a bungee cord on the cabinet where the food and treats are kept or Gizmo will open the cabinet door and get into the container and spill it for the rest of the herd....the little stinkers. :)