27 February 2015

Feline Friday: The Ribbonator

 I often work on my kits at home, but I try not to cut ribbon and twine here...for obvious reasons. Tinsel in particular is OBSESSED with ribbon! This week I waited until both kitties were asleep one evening and thought I could finish all of my ribbon bags without "assistance".

I cut most of my ribbon and twine, thinking things were going quite well, then left the room briefly. When I returned, Tinsel had somehow detected (from a deep sleep) that RIBBON THINGS WERE HAPPENING. There she was, right in the middle of my ribbon and twine operation!
I am reddy to halp, Mom! Letz go!

Whut? You don't wants my halps?? (insert sad face)

Look, Mom...I can do maf on da ruler!
 Needless to say, the ribbon bags did not get done that night... :)


Kristina said...

LOL....I know what you mean. Coco wanted to "help" me paint the bathroom the other day...she would not leave until I kicked her out of the room. I was waiting for her to dip her paw in the paint. :)

Kimberly Marie said...

Your clever title of this post gave me a chuckle! We have the same problem with ribbon here, and garland, too!