09 February 2015

Clear Stamp Storage: Regrets!

 I have regrets. Big ones.

Over the years I have tried lots of different ways to organize my crafty stuff. I've tried systems that worked great and systems that didn't work as well, but (until now) I hadn't done anything that I actually regretted. 

It's THIS: CD cases for my clear stamps.
When I first set it up, I loved this system. But my stamps outgrew my capacity to store them this way long ago. And companies started making clear stamps in larger packaging, which meant they wouldn't fit in a CD case anyway. So over time, this system became more cumbersome. As a result, I have been storing my stamps in lots of different places and using the ones in the CD cases less often.

So in my effort to deeply clean out all of my stuff, I decided to re-vamp my stamp storage and go with the Avery Elle Stamp Pockets suggested by Jennifer McGuire. I know several people who have converted to this system and love it. 

So I'm thinking...no big deal. I'll just move my stamps into this new system. Quick and easy. Right? 


In opening my CD cases, some of which hadn't been opened in a while (OK, a loooong while), I discovered a couple of terrible things had happened when I wasn't looking:

* Some stamps stuck like CEMENT to the CD case, hard enough to break the case when I removed them. Some stamps weren't even removable. They either tore or simply wouldn't come off at all. REGRETS.
* Some of my stamps -- some of my very favorite stamps, in fact -- had turned sort of GOOEY. They fell apart when I tried to remove them. YUCK! I have no idea why this happened -- if they were poor quality to begin with or if some weird chemical reaction happened in the CD case. At any rate, the result is the same: REGRETS. 

In addition, in order to fit the stamps into the CD case, I sometimes removed the clear backing or cut it to fit the case. Now, without that piece, it makes used stamps harder to sell. REGRETS.

  So now, in order to put them into my new pockets (which I'm quite sure I'm going to love...eventually!), I have to put the stamps onto a clear acrylic sheet and stamp a new template for them. I'm fine with doing that, but it would have saved a lot of time if I'd just kept the original packaging.
So what should have been a simple, quick project has turned into a slow and laborious one. (Story of my life these days!) And by the time I discard all the yucky stamps, I probably won't even have many left! 

Live and learn!

I'll share a picture of my completed stamp organization project when I finish it, which hopefully will be soon! 


Heather said...

Oh no! I also have my stamps stored in CD cases and have been happy with them so far, although I've noticed sometimes it is hard to peel off the stamp to use it. I hope none of mine turn to goo....:| Anyway, I hope you like your new storage method!

Janet said...

Heather, I have no idea if the CD cases caused the problem or not! It sure seems like they should be safe storage for stamps if they are safe for CDs and DVDs. After I posted this I found a few more sets that had gotten all sticky and they were not directly on the CD plastic but were still in the package, so I'm thinking it is more an issue of stamp quality than anything! :)

Kimberly Marie said...

How disappointing! Glad you have a new storage solution, and hope everything stays good from here on out! Though, as you said, the stamp quality actually may have been the problem all along!

Kristina said...

That's very disappointing. I'd have to bet on the stamp quality as well. Your blog post did make me go check out my clear stamps. I have mine on 8.5 x 11 sheets of plexiglass....all is well. :)