04 February 2015

Photo Sorting: Professional Pics

I'm back in the photo sorting mode! I've been tackling box after box, trying to make a dent in the mountains of photos I brought home from my parents' house. Progress is slow but somewhat steady!

My current project involves the box of my own professional photos which I gathered as I went through my parents' belongings. I separated the professional photos from the everyday snapshots with the intention of eventually making a portrait album for myself.

Bless my mom's heart. She was good at many things, but photo organization was not one of them! I have no baby book of my childhood. Well, there is a baby book, but everything is just sort of shoved into it in no particular order. My school photos aren't labeled or dated. This really makes me crazy! It made me crazy when I was a child, too. I attempted to organize our pictures every so often but didn't keep up with it. No time like the present, I guess! :)

My goal for this sorting session was just to put the photos into sleeves in date order so that I can eventually put them in an album.

I spread all of the pictures out from birth to college graduation so I could try to sort them out by age. It was harder than I anticipated since almost none of them were labeled. And Tinsel was no help whatsoever! :)

Mom must have had good intentions because she started filling out information in this little school book. But she only continued through second grade! The rest of it is completely blank!

Luckily I found many of my class photos, so I was able to use them to date the individual pictures. (I am in the lower left corner!)

By the end of one evening I had all of my professional pictures in sleeves in date order. Now it should be easy to add them to a scrapbook when the time comes. Whew! I feel much better now!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Great! So glad this photo sorting session was a success for you!Love your kindergarten picture ~ so cute!