28 June 2009

Organization Challenge: Part IV

Well, five us us worked on Scrapbooker X's room last night for over 7 hours. We pushed ourselves because Scrapbooker X is coming home from her vacation today, and we wanted to have the room in good shape for her.

A couple of us spent many hours last night sorting a mountain of buttons, brads, and other embellishments into rainbow color order!

Here's the "completed" wall showing albums, cardstock, paper, and the new shelving. It took 6 hours (prior to our work session) to sort the cardstock and paper. One of our friends spent over 4 hours sorting flowers prior to our work time last night! She put them all into Making Memories jars.

Then she completely transformed the area behind Scrapbooker X's desk to a much more usable space. We had not touched this area until last night but now it's ready for Scrapbooker X to do some serious work!

You can even see the desk now! :-)

As you can see from this photo, the room has a ledge that runs around its perimeter. Scrapbooker X has collected lots of glass containers which will be cute and functional accent pieces in the room. We had hoped to fill and position them decoratively, but we simply ran out of time!

The Very Handy Husband purchased and installed vertical blinds last night faster than you can say ROYGBIV! This made a big difference in the room and will enable her to use the space at night without the neighbors peeking in!

Although we are very weary, I think we all feel great about what we've accomplished this week! The scope of the project was so large that we simply ran out of time (and hands) to do everything the way we would have liked. But the room looks great and the organization systems are now in place. Now Scrapbooker X can take over and really make it work for her!


Connie said...

Will you all be there like Ty Pennington and his crew when she gets home today and sees the transformation? You all did an incredible job - I wish you would come and organize my room for me! I already have the ROYGBIV thing started, so you wouldn't have as much to do! Ha ha I'm sure "Scrapbooker X" will love what you've done for her!

Sharon said...

Great job. What a wonderful room to be in now. SBX is going to love it. You are fantastic friends.

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! I love a little "while you were out!". While I normally loath vertical blinds....these are very functional and I'm sure she'll appreciate them during some late-night scrapping!!

Janet said...

Connie, we are planning to do a "reveal" when she gets home!
Sharon, it's going to be fun for her. We're very excited!
Anon, the blinds were chosen because they were economical...$21, I believe! We were on a very tight budget! :-)

Fonda said...

Wow Janet, you guys did an amazing job! Looks fabulous and functional!

KarenSue said...

what a marvelous gift ya'll have given your friend. please update us with her reaction

Sarah C. said...

Amazing! You all did a fantastic job! :)