24 June 2009

Layout: Ice Skating

Here's another super-easy layout I finished recently, again with a bit of help from my daughter.

I created a collage of these fun ice skating photos using Picasa, then I printed it on an 8.5x11 sheet of photo paper. (Cheating? Maybe...but it's a great way to get a lot of photos on a single page. And since I pulled these photos from Facebook, the quality wasn't great, but in a collage it's not quite so noticeable.)
I had my daughter write the journaling, then I printed the title/journaling strip on my wide-format printer.

For all of you Ki Memories fans (and you know who you are!), notice that I used a few pieces from my hoarded stash -- including my coveted chipboard snowman! But I continue to use this particular striped paper only little bit at a time. That way, I'll be able to use it for years to come!


Heather said...

Very cute page! And I don't see printing collages as cheating!

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful page, Janet! I love the collage. Totally addicted to that myself lately - so easy to quickly add a bunch of photos and, like you said, not waste paper.

Too funny about slowly using the beloved KI stash. I have so much stash it is down right ridiculous. Trying to use some of it up even though some sheets are so difficult to cut. I just want to hold & look at them. LOL

Benita said...

Great layout! Love the snowman & the strip of KI.

Linda said...

I love this. Is the snowman the chipboard piece you had mentioned the other day? I am horrible about using up my KI stash too.

Anonymous said...
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