29 June 2009

Garden areas in late June

I spent considerable time at the beginning of the summer working on my garden areas (see posts here and here). The changes I made solved some of the problems but, unfortunately, a few issues remain!
In this collage, you can see that I have a decent amount of color in this backyard garden right now, but I still have spacing issues. They are much more apparent now that many of the perennials have reached full size for the season. In some areas, plants are too close, while in other places, awkward gaps remain. I filled the empty spots with new perennials (and some annuals) a few weeks back. Some of them are doing well, but others aren't performing as I'd hoped. In addition, our trees are considerably bigger now and the lighting conditions have changed what was once a full sun area to partial shade.

By snapping a few pictures now, I'll be able to remember where I need to make adjustments this fall and next spring. It's obvious to me that certain plants need to be moved. I'm hoping that by moving them to the remaining gaps, I'll solve the spacing problems.

Gardening...it's always a work in progress. I just have to keep reminding myself that that the reward lies mostly in the journey, not the destination!


Connie said...

Looks great! Our gardens are almost all burned up already. : (

Sarah C. said...

Looking so good! I'm jealous. My gardens are suffering from the heat & my lack of energy/desire right now. Oh, well, there's always next year. ;) BTW, is that Tinsel I spy in the corner?