05 June 2009

Feline Friday: Uncovered

Last summer, I brought many of my childhood toys to our house for safekeeping. I sorted and packed most of them into labeled tubs, but two of my dolls wouldn't fit. So I placed them on top of a tub and (because I didn't want them just lying there getting dusty), I covered them with a baby blanket.

But for some unknown reason, Lily doesn't want the dolls covered. Every single day when I go to the basement to change the cat litter, this is what I find:
The blanket is on the floor and the dolls are uncovered.

Mind you, I've never actually seen Lily remove the blanket but I'm 99% positive she's the culprit. This covering and uncovering game has gone on for almost a year, and it's now a running joke between the two of us: Every evening I cover the dolls. The next day, they're uncovered.

I had planned to buy another tub for the dolls but for now, I'm enjoying Lily's goofy antics.


Maureen said...

Ahahaha! Well, at least she's leaving the actual dolls alone. Once they starting moving, then you've got trouble.

Debbie said...

Maybe she wants the blanket for herself.

toners said...

LOL! Perhaps she wants to be sleeping where the dolls are...next she'll be kicking them out of bed :)

Kristina said...

Kirby gets the same 4 cat toys out of the basket EVERY night after we go to bed and I have to put them away EVERY morning....lol...they are strange creatures.

Katie said...

I can understand why the little doll on the left wants to be covered...no panties on her!! She even looks upset with her hands in the air! :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's just too cute!