09 June 2009

My very first page

I was talking to some fellow scrapbookers this evening about our first pages. Decorative scissors gone wild, excessive shape cutting, sticker sneeze...I have at least three albums full of pages with those features.

Just for fun, I decided to pull out my first page, made at a Creative Memories workshop, and take a look. *sigh* I remember it like it was yesterday. Boy, was I excited! I showed this page to everyone who came to our house.

On the plus side, I used my own handwriting, even for the title! And gee, could this color scheme get any simpler? :-) On the other hand, you'll never see me tilting anything today, let alone on a diagonal. And you'll never see any more than one shaped photo on my pages, if that. (In fact, I only cut ovals once every five years! Not that there's anything wrong with tilting or ovals or circles...I just prefer straight lines!)

Admittedly, I had some very cute pictures to work with, but I regret to this day that I started with this random set of photos of my daughter at age three. While it was a great set to practice on, I've never gone back and scrapbooked anything that came before this completely chance encounter with a small town cat. It's as if her life began at that point!

Will I ever re-do any of those early pages? Probably not, unless by some miracle I finish up all of my other scrapbooking and am sitting around twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do. It's fun to see how my style has evolved over time.

Now will I have the guts to set out those three albums at graduation? We'll see!


Heather said...

I say go for it! People will love looking at your albums and aren't going to be all, "OMG - Look at those shaped photos and diagnal lines!" ;o) They'll love them and wish they had *their* photos in scrapbooks, no matter what style they are!

My first page, by the way, was of my senior prom. My PROM. And Brandon (now my hubby) was my date. It's the one and only page I ever took apart and redid. The rest will stay as they are!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sticker sneeze - too funny!

When I made my first scrapbook page I had never even seen a scrapbooking magazine, much less been to any sort of class or workshop. There weren't any stores and my friend and I puttered around Michaels with absolutely no clue what we were doing what so ever.

We were going on another friend's oral description of what scrapbooking was! She kept her finished scrapbook pages in a fireproof safe and was never willing to get them out to show us!

Of course those first few pages I thought you used the scissors and the stickers and all that stuff all on the same page. When we got done, we went over to the friend's house and showed her the pages. We were like, "Is this scrapbooking?"

I'd never take the time to redo them (what the heck - they have the photos and the info/journaling on the page) but they sure do need it!

katie said...

I love those pages..they show how you have grown in your scrapbooking...and give you a good laugh! That would be a great post for all scrapbookers to do..post one of their first pages and a recent one!

toners said...

My first page was of Nattie out in our backyard at about age 3...man, what was I thinking with all those decorative scissors! Yikes!! Like you, though, I don't think I'll ever go back to re-do them - and they are fun to look at regardless! :)

Debbie said...

I think they should be out. Everyone will be looking at how much your daughter has grown and NOT how much your scrapbooking style has changed (except you!). By the way, the page is a very nice example of early CM style.

Maureen said...

Ha! My first page had ovals too! Oh my.... still, yours is far superior to anything I cranked out back then.

Kristina said...

Your page looks shockingly familar to my first page. LOL