26 June 2009

Feline Friday: How to drink liek a ladie

Sumtimes I get real thurstie fur a cold drink. So I teached miself how to drink out of dis ginormous watr bowl! An I still luk liek a ladie! If u wants 2 tri it, heer's how:

1) Carfullie jump up on da edge of teh bowl.

2) Stick ur head down in it and start drinkin! Drink fast! U mite even see waves. Do not bez alarmd.

3) Ladies shud not get their pawz wet. Carefullie pozishun ur feet just above teh water. Dis taeks practiss!

4) When ur dun drinkin, nonchalantly jump down as if ure doin nothin out of teh ordinarie.

Thaz it! If u tri dis, let me knoe if mah instruchuns werk!

Luv, Lily


Daisy said...

Thanks for the advice and illustrated steps; I am going to try it out!

Sarah C. said...

Oh my, Lily! You wouldn't like our house - the toilet lids are all down to keep cats out. ;) hehe We do have a cat water fountain in the dining room though.

KarenSue said...

aaah, Lily..
well, at least you are ladylike!

toners said...

ROFL! Does this work for dogs, too?

Maureen said...

Note to self: Do not read this post to my feline family members.

K? Thx.

(But I have to admit it is cute!!!)