22 June 2009

Layout: Iowa Jazz Championships

Here's a layout I finished up last week about the Iowa Jazz Championships, with a little help from my daughter. It's a pretty big deal for a jazz band to qualify for this state-wide event. Her band took fifth place this year.

I've been looking forward to working with this particular set of photos. The lighting on stage was great and the blue/gold spotlights made for an interesting vertical design element.

I wanted the look of this layout to be sleek and contemporary to reflect the band's music, so I kept the design very simple (no surprise there!), using strong horizontal lines to balance the vertical spotlight stripes. I enlarged two of my favorite photos, then I had Daughter choose the others.

I also asked her to write the journaling. As often as possible, I like to have her tell the story for her events. In years to come, she'll be glad she took the time to write down her own memories. I think we make a pretty good scrapbooking team! :-)


Kristina said...

Awesome page! and you're lucky that the lightning was that good. I can NEVER get photos at those type of functions because of the low light.

toners said...

I love the layout! Very, very clean!