27 June 2009

Aliens, begone!

I was getting ready to print a set of jazz band photos recently and discovered, to my surprise, that many aliens had been at the concert! Below is just one of the many shots of green heads in this set of photos.

What's a scrapbooker to do? Cutting off the bottom portion of each photo was not a good option. Using a lovely green patterned paper to match the aliens didn't seem like a wise choice, either. After all, I want to get rid of the aliens...not draw attention to them!

But printing the photos in black and white completely eliminated the alien issue and created sort of a retro feel which worked well with the theme of the page. Because I'm all about fast and easy these days, I printed three photos in a column on a sheet of 8.5x11 photo paper and cut around the entire block. But best of all, I used two hoarded products: Some very old Ki Memories paper and four Making Memories mailbox letters. (Not to worry: I still have plenty left!)

Another easy layout done. Aliens (thankfully) not included.


Debbie said...

How funny that all the heads looked green but Your solution and finished layout are great!

Katie said...

I don't think they were aliens...I think it was a bunch of blonde haired people that had been swimming in the pool way too much and the chlorine got to them!!

Love your "fix" idea...Janet you so ROCK!

Kristina said...

Great Save! Layout looks wonderful!

toners said...

Perfect idea! Love the finished piece!