25 June 2009

Organization Challenge: Part III

I am so excited! We are making REAL progress in our friend's scrapbooking space. She'll be back from her vacation Sunday, so we've got to hurry!

My friend's Very Handy Husband joined us again this evening and installed shelving along one wall. The shelving idea was the brainchild of my companion on this project, and I think it's pure genius. Adding vertical shelving gives us much more storage and desk space, plus room below the bottom shelf for rolling carts.

Very Handy Husband was powered by Mountain Dew, by the way. :-)

While the shelving was being installed, I gathered cardstock and sorted it very roughly into rainbow-color order. *sigh* There is NOTHING BETTER than rainbow-color order! Next I'll be sorting the patterned paper by color to go into the neighboring paper trays.

Scrapbooker X had this old MAMBI spinning rack in her scraproom, but she was only using the top ribbon racks because the bottom ones are sized for 8.5x11 paper. The spinning rack was taking a lot of floor space which could be used for other purposes.

My friend had the great idea to remove the wire ribbon racks and attach them to the wall. Now all of the ribbon can be arranged in rainbow-color order! *sigh* This is a great example of re-purposing!

And yes, the paint is now in rainbow-color order! *sigh*

We've established zones in the room now for photos/photo printing, her Cricut, Sizzix and QuicKutz, and magazines/idea books. The next big task is embellishment organization.

Much work remains to be done, but the room is starting to take shape!


Heather said...

Ya'll have been busy! I know your friend is going to love it when she gets home!

toners said...

WOW! This is looking great! LOL about the rainbow order :)

Fonda said...

Oh Janet you are in Rainbow heaven, I can tell! It's shaping up great! Can't wait to see more!

Debbie said...

Rainbows for a garden room, perfect! You should get a photo of your friends reaction when she sees the room for the first time.

katie said...

Amazing!! You will have capture friend's reaction when she sees it!!!

Sarah C. said...

You all are doing an amazing job! And I agree - rainbow order rocks. Love the bin the paints are in. :)

Kristina said...

It's looking good!