23 June 2009

Organization Challenge: Part II

This evening we worked again on Scrapbooker X's scraproom (read about this challenge here).

Although it may be hard to see, we made some very good progress. We continued sorting items and moving furniture to create a better flow in the room.

In an ideal world, you would completely clear the room and move pieces back in one at a time, but due to the configuration of Scrapbooker X's house, that's not possible. To a certain extent, we had to shift our piles from one part of the room to another to make room to move furniture.

Our third friend wasn't available today, but a very handy husband (not mine!) stepped in and took care of a few repairs. He also helped us move some of the heavier furniture pieces.

Later this week, he's coming back to hang shelving along this wall. I'm told he'll be paid with ice cream! :-)

While we're making real progress, we know we won't have everything done before Scrapbooker X returns from vacation. But we hope that the basic structure will be in place, enabling her to feel productive and inspired in her space!


Fonda said...

I can tell you guys are making great progress! I'm jealous of how much room she has to work with! Sometimes that's a bad thing too!

Debbie said...

She really has a huge space, what a lucky crafter.

Julie said...

I see the posters are down!!!
:-) Definitely helps with the decor! Where did the large desk go? It does look like you made progress - go team go!

Janet said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I had the pleasure of taking down the posters! Yes...it makes a big difference. They didn't really go with the garden theme! lol

The large table/desk that was against the wall is now butted up against her main work desk to extend it. Not exactly sure how we will use that space yet...possibly for cropping friends!

Sarah C. said...

Wow! What a big undertaking for anyone and so sweet of you all to do for your friend. Will you come do mine next? :D

Sharon said...

What a great room. It is easier to see what X has now. Where did you put the shoe?

Linda said...

She has a nice space. I like the mural on her wall. Good luck getting the project finished